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Special weather summary for parts of Ontario


Weather summary
for Ontario and the National Capital Region
issued by Environment Canada
at 9:40 a.m. EST Saturday 25 January 2020.


For the second time on a weekend this month, a large Colorado low 
soaked parts of Southern Ontario with a significant rainfall. A 
number of rainfall warnings were issued as a result. 

Total rainfall amounts in excess of 25 mm as of 9:30 AM EST are 
shown in the table below. 

Location and rainfall amount in millimetres 

Whitby 34.3* 
Pickering 32.5* 
Mississauga 32* 
Oshawa 30.3 
Peterborough 27.8 
Burlington 27.4* 
Ontario Storm Prediction Centre (North York) 27.0 
Toronto Billy Bishop Airport 27.0 
Fisherville 26.7* 
Toronto City 26.3 
Toronto Pearson Airport 25.8 
Welland-Pelham 25.2 

* denotes measurements taken by volunteer observers.

Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial 
information and does not constitute a complete or final report.