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Canadian Facts and Trivia - THE DISASTERS
Most provinces have grappled with major flood crises over the centuries, such that itís difficult to pinpoint where the worst has been.

The Prairies are often cited as the most flood-prone part of the country. A 1950 flood in Manitoba forced the evacuation of 100,000 people, including a sixth of Winnipegís residents. Flood control infrastructure has since been built, but a 1997 flood still forced 30,000 Manitobans from their homes.

In 2013, the Calgary Flood forced 100,000 people to evacuate, killed at least four people and totaled approximately $6 billion in damages.

In terms of deaths, more than 80 people died when Hurricane Hazel slammed southern Ontario in 1954, and the 1996 Saguenay Floods in Quebec claimed at least 10 lives, according to the Canadian Encyclopedia.