Soil Moisture and Temperatures

Soil sensors are buried in the ground at the levels indicated below.
Each level has a temperature probe and a moisture sensor.

Moisture is measured in ' cb ' with range of 0 to 200
where 0 being totally saturated and anything over 100 being extremely dry.

Current Planting & Watering Guide

Depth: Temperature: Planting Status: Moisture: Moisture Status:
10 cm 14.0°C
Minimum Growth (10 - 15 C)
85.0 cb
Irrigation Needed (61-100)
20 cm 13.5°C
Minimum Growth (10 - 15 C)
78.0 cb
Irrigation Needed (61-100)
40 cm 13.0°C
Minimum Growth (10 - 15 C)
33.0 cb
Irrigation Desired (26-60)
60 cm 13.0°C
Minimum Growth (10 - 15 C)
5.0 cb
Saturated Soil (0-10)

Record Soil Temperatures for: September

Depth: Monthly High: Monthly Low:
10 cm 18.9°C on Sep-2 11.1°C on Sep-17
20 cm 16.1°C on Sep-1 11.7°C on Sep-20
40 cm 15.6°C on Sep-1 12.2°C on Sep-19
60 cm 15.0°C on Sep-1 12.2°C on Sep-20

Record Soil Temperatures for: 2020

Depth: Yearly High: Yearly Low:
10 cm 22.2°C on Aug-14 2.2°C on Apr-26
20 cm 17.8°C on Aug-14 0.0°C on Jan-1
40 cm 16.7°C on Aug-19 0.0°C on Jan-1
60 cm 16.1°C on Aug-20 0.0°C on Jan-1

Record Soil Temperatures since: November 27, 2011

Depth: Record High: Record Low:
10 cm 22.2°C on Aug-14-2020 2.2°C on Apr-26-2020
20 cm 17.8°C on Aug-14-2020 0.0°C on Jun-13-2007
40 cm 16.7°C on Aug-19-2020 0.0°C on Jun-13-2007
60 cm 16.1°C on Aug-20-2020 0.0°C on Jun-13-2007

Leaf Wetness Readings

Current 1.0
Daily High 2.0
Daily Low 0.0

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