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Sun Moon age: 20 days,12 hours,12 minutes,67%
Sunrise: 7:42 am
Sunset: 7:12 pm
Daylight: 11:30
Moonrise: 9:23 pm (03/10/2023)
Moonset: 2:13 pm (04/10/2023)
Waning Gibbous Moon
67% Illuminated

Lunar Cycle

First Quarter Moon Full Moon Last Quarter Moon New Moon
First Quarter Moon Full Moon Last Quarter Moon New Moon
09/22/2023 3:32 pm
September 22 2023 19:32 UTC
09/29/2023 5:58 am
September 29 2023 09:58 UTC
10/06/2023 9:48 am
October 6 2023 13:48 UTC
10/14/2023 1:56 pm
October 14 2023 17:56 UTC

Solar Cycle

Vernal Equinox
Start of Spring
Summer Solstice
Start of Summer
Autumn Equinox
Start of Fall
Winter Solstice
Start of Winter
Start of Spring First day of Summer First day of Fall First day of Winter
03/20/2023 5:25 pm
March 20 2023 21:25 UTC
06/21/2023 10:58 am
June 21 2023 14:58 UTC
09/23/2023 2:51 am
September 23 2023 06:51 UTC
12/21/2023 10:28 pm
December 22 2023 03:28 UTC

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"The most common incorrect reason given for the cause of the Moon's phases is that we are seeing the shadow of the Earth on the Moon! But this cannot be correct: When the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth, we get a lunar eclipse. Anyone who has seen a lunar eclipse, though, might remember that the Moon actually passes through the Earth's shadow only rarely, so that can't be why the Moon has phases. The real reason for the Moon's phases depends on two things: The Moon is round, and the angle it makes with the Earth and Sun changes over its orbit."
- As Quoted From Bad Astronomy