PHP Weather Station Scripts Page

Below are some PHP scripts I have written or modified for use on this site and for others to use on their web sites.
The scripts are designed as add-on pages for the WD-AJAX-PHP-Canada package available from Saratoga Weather.

These pages use the data available from:

Environment Canada Public Weather Warnings and Special Weather Statements
Air Quality Ontario AQI for select cities
WXSIM Updated to display either Environment Canada icons or NWS icons
Ministry of Natural Resources Added to compliment the weather station with a fire rating feature


Script Version Date Example Download
Air Quality Index Dashboard 1.10 June 17, 2011 Example ZIP []
WXSIM with Environment Canada or NWS icons 1.27 February 23, 2011 Example ZIP []
Environment Canada & WXSIM forecasts with Environment Canada or NWS icons 1.27 February 23, 2011 Example ZIP []
Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Rating Index with Google Map 1.0 April 07, 2011 Example ZIP []
Ministry of Natural Resources Current Fire Situation with Google Map 1.0 April 30, 2011 Example ZIP []

Random Weather Facts

Dew point is the temperature to which air must be cooled for saturation (100% relative humidity) to occur. The dew point is an important measurement used to predict the formation of dew, frost, and fog. If dew point and temperature are close together in the late afternoon when the air begins to turn colder, fog is likely during the night. Dew point is also a good indicator of the air's actual water vapor content, unlike relative humidity, which takes the air's temperature into account. High dew point indicates high vapor content; low dew point indicates low vapor content. In addition a high dew point indicates a better chance of rain and severe thunderstorms. You can even use dew point to predict the minimum overnight temperature. Provided no fronts or other weather pattern changes are expected overnight, the afternoon's dew point gives you an idea of what minimum temperature to expect overnight.