Soil Moisture and Temperatures

Soil sensors are buried in the ground at the levels indicated below.
Each level has a temperature probe and a moisture sensor.

Moisture is measured in ' cb ' with range of 0 to 200
where 0 being totally saturated and anything over 100 being extremely dry.

Current Planting & Watering Guide

Depth: Temperature: Planting Status: Moisture: Moisture Status:
10 cm 3.0°C
Too Cold To Plant (< 10 C)
56.0 cb
Irrigation Desired (26-60)
20 cm 4.5°C
Too Cold To Plant (< 10 C)
83.0 cb
Irrigation Needed (61-100)
40 cm 6.0°C
Too Cold To Plant (< 10 C)
21.0 cb
Adequately Wet (11-25)
60 cm 6.5°C
Too Cold To Plant (< 10 C)
14.0 cb
Adequately Wet (11-25)

Record Soil Temperatures for: October

Depth: Monthly High: Monthly Low:
10 cm 12.8°C on Oct-1 2.8°C on Oct-27
20 cm 13.3°C on Oct-1 4.4°C on Oct-28
40 cm 12.8°C on Oct-1 5.6°C on Oct-26
60 cm 12.8°C on Oct-1 6.1°C on Oct-28

Record Soil Temperatures for: 2020

Depth: Yearly High: Yearly Low:
10 cm 22.2°C on Aug-14 2.2°C on Apr-26
20 cm 17.8°C on Aug-14 0.0°C on Jan-1
40 cm 16.7°C on Aug-19 0.0°C on Jan-1
60 cm 16.1°C on Aug-20 0.0°C on Jan-1

Record Soil Temperatures since: November 27, 2011

Depth: Record High: Record Low:
10 cm 22.2°C on Aug-14-2020 2.2°C on Apr-26-2020
20 cm 17.8°C on Aug-14-2020 0.0°C on Jun-13-2007
40 cm 16.7°C on Aug-19-2020 0.0°C on Jun-13-2007
60 cm 16.1°C on Aug-20-2020 0.0°C on Jun-13-2007

Leaf Wetness Readings

Current 0.0
Daily High 15.0
Daily Low 0.0

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Random Weather Facts

HURRICANE (Typhoon, Tropical Cyclones,Willy-Willies)
A hurricane is a tropical storm with wind speeds of 65 knots (120 km/h) to 240 knots (460 km/h) and can be thousands of square kilometers in size. These systems usually have a lifespan of several days.

In the North Atlantic, the hurricane season is from May to November, but the majority of storms occur in August, September and October. Although the east coast is the area of Canada most frequented by hurricanes, these storms still average less than one per year over the Atlantic provinces and coastal waters. There have been as many as five hurricanes in one year, however, several years can pass with no tropical storms.

A hurricane warning is issued in the Marine Forecast if winds are expected to exceed 64 knots (115 km/h).