Soil Moisture and Temperatures

Soil sensors are buried in the ground at the levels indicated below.
Each level has a temperature probe and a moisture sensor.

Moisture is measured in ' cb ' with range of 0 to 200
where 0 being totally saturated and anything over 100 being extremely dry.

Current Planting & Watering Guide

Depth: Temperature: Planting Status: Moisture: Moisture Status:
10 cm 16.0°C
Good Growth (15 - 20 C)
74.0 cb
Irrigation Needed (61-100)
20 cm 17.0°C
Good Growth (15 - 20 C)
57.0 cb
Irrigation Desired (26-60)
40 cm 16.0°C
Good Growth (15 - 20 C)
10.0 cb
Saturated Soil (0-10)
60 cm 15.0°C
Good Growth (15 - 20 C)
32.0 cb
Irrigation Desired (26-60)

Record Soil Temperatures for: August

Depth: Monthly High: Monthly Low:
10 cm 22.2°C on Aug-1 15.0°C on Aug-6
20 cm 17.8°C on Aug-1 15.6°C on Aug-6
40 cm 17.2°C on Aug-4 15.0°C on Aug-6
60 cm 16.7°C on Aug-4 14.4°C on Aug-7

Record Soil Temperatures for: 2017

Depth: Yearly High: Yearly Low:
10 cm 22.2°C on Jul-31 0.0°C on Jan-14
20 cm 17.8°C on Jul-30 0.0°C on Feb-21
40 cm 17.2°C on Jul-30 0.0°C on Mar-7
60 cm 16.7°C on Aug-4 0.0°C on Mar-7

Record Soil Temperatures since: November 27, 2011

Depth: Record High: Record Low:
10 cm 25.6°C on Aug-3-2016 -2.2°C on Feb-6-2013
20 cm 20.0°C on Aug-3-2016 -1.7°C on Feb-10-2013
40 cm 20.0°C on Aug-20-2016 -1.1°C on Mar-6-2013
60 cm 18.9°C on Aug-20-2016 0.0°C on Nov-27-2011

Leaf Wetness Readings

Current 0.0
Daily High 15.0
Daily Low 0.0

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Random Weather Facts

Definition Humidex - Over the years, several measures have been proposed to relate various combinations of temperature and humidity into a single number to approximate what hot, humid weather feels like to the average person. Of these, humidex is the one most familiar to Canadians. Humidex was introduced into Canada in 1965. The index is a summer analogue of the wind chill factor in that it is an equivalent air temperature. Air of a given temperature and humidity is equated in comfort to air of a higher temperature that has a negligible moisture content. Comfort is quite subjective and largely dependent on the age and health of the individual. Weather conditions causing prickly heat in an infant may result in heat cramps in a teenager, heat exhaustion in a middle-aged and heat stroke in a senior. Humidex is also limited as an overall hot-weather comfort index because it does not consider other factors such as pressure, wind speed, precipitation, sunshine or pollen.