Map of Restricted Fire Zones in Ontario

Note: A "Restricted Fire Zone" (RFZ) is an Order made by the Minister of Natural Resources, under the Forest Fires Prevention Act, that restricts the use of open fires in a specific area of the province. It is used when the fire hazard is extreme and/or when fire fighting resources are stretched to capacity. RFZ Orders are strictly enforced.

For more information, See Restricted Fire Zone on our website

DISCLAIMER: This online map using Google Maps is intended to show the general location of Restricted Fire Zones. The information displayed represents an approximation based on current data in the Ministry of Natural Resources' database. In case of differences between what information is displayed and the actual RFZ Order, the latter shall be deemed correct.


West Fire Region Fire Information Officer
Debbie MacLean (807) 937-7241
Forest Fire Management Centre - West Fire Region
95 Ghost Lake Road
P.O. Box 850, Dryden, Ontario P8N 2Z5

East Fire Region Fire Information Officer
Lindsay Munroe (705) 564-6028
Forest Fire Management Centre
2621 Skead Rd. Garson, ON, P3L 1W3

Data provided by Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

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